Minami Kuribayashi – ZERO!!



  1. ZERO!!
  2. Suki Ja Nakattara…
  3. ZERO!! (off vocal)
  4. Suki Ja Nakattara… (off vocal)


1. ZERO!!

We are introduced to the song by some synths and light keyboards, before the drums and other instruments enter. I really like the backing vocals “get out of cage… true sky” and the other parts like that because the harmonies sound great (although horrid English). Minami’s vocals take a slightly higher tone, but not annoyingly cute or anything, which fit the mood of Hataraku Maou-sama. The chorus is very catchy and makes you want to get up and move! I think it’s interesting how the guitars and drums are heavier and more metal-influenced than similar songs is the genre. It definitely works in ZERO!!’s favour, a great OP track here!

2. Suki Ja Nakattara…

The B-side is of course a ballad. It’s rather relaxing and Minami’s singing sounds good for the most part, except for a few thin parts in the chorus. Piano, violin, guitar and synths are the main instruments here, as typical for an anison ballad. I liked the occasional tinkling things now and then, and the guitar solo was a nice touch. A good complementary B-side.

I haven’t heard much Minami Kuribayashi before, but I hope she does more singles like this in the future. ZERO!! was a catchy and bright rock track while Suki Ja Nakattara… was a respectable ballad. She obviously has good technical singing skills and coupled with good songwriters she should be able to release more stuff like ZERO!!

Rating: 8/10

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2 Responses to Minami Kuribayashi – ZERO!!

  1. She has been so long in the anison world, and i like mostly her rockin tunes, but i think Signs is my favorite song from her, and very different from what she normally sings. Also she released a new album TIGHT KNOT where ZERO is included.

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