Luna Haruna – Kimi ga Kureta Sekai

Kimi ga Kureta Sekai [Single]


  1. Kimi ga Kureta Sekai
  2. Tokoshie Rondo
  3. Kagayaku Hoshi no Yamai


1. Kimi ga Kureta Sekai

This song pretty much has a standard anime sound, switching between ballad verse and pop-rock chorus. The arrangement is quite light with a piano, strings, a bit of guitar, and there are some nice soft “aaahs” backing in the chorus. I felt that Luna’s voice was a bit weak at times but on the whole pleasant to listen to. Those long snare drum rolls did get annoying though. Not exactly a standout A-Side.

2. Tokoshie Rondo

Following up is a medium-tempo synth-rock song, The main rhythm instrument is pretty interesting, I can’t tell whether it’s a bassy synth or very filtered guitar! I’m leaning on the side of the guitar. Anyway whatever it is gives Tokoshie Rondo a heavy sound, and I’m liking this! Luna pulled this one off well, it’s quite a unique track!

3. Kagayaku Hoshi no Yamai

A short narration with a lullaby played on a music box starts off the final track on the single.Then to my delight, it becomes a goth-rock track with pounding drums, fierce guitars and overlaying strings which gives me CHOIR JAIL vibes! I love those great slow bits which sound so vampire-ish, and later in the song when the music box enters, it sounds all creepy and mysterious. Luna should do more of these, what a way to end the single!

Well honestly, between the last single Overfly and a rather pretty pink cover my hopes weren’t exactly high for this single, and while there was nothing special about the A-side, the B-sides were good, especially Kagayaku Hoshi no Yamai. Definitely stronger overall than both Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau and Overfly. I’ll be interested to see what her debut album will be like.

Rating: 7.5/10

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