May’n – Run Real Run



  1. Run Real Run
  2. Outsider
  3. Run Real Run (Instrumental)
  4. Outsider (Instrumental)


1. Run Real Run

It’s good that May’n decided to do another rock song like Brain Diver. Run Real Run is a fast paced song with guitars, synths, FX and a quick beat. It’s pretty catchy and will get you boppin’ a bit. Actually there’s riffs now and then that remind me of the James Bond theme! OK, Run Real Run has just replaced Brain Diver as my new favourite May’n song.

2. Outsider

The B-side is pretty good as well as it’s also a pop-rock. Outsider has similar instruments as Run Real run, but adds a piano part which runs throughout the song. This track is just as catchy as the A-side. May’n sings pretty well here, probably because the range isn’t very large. I’m impressed by this!

I’m not really a May’n fan. I thought her songs were on the generic side, and it annoyed me how 1) her head voice was really weak and 2) she went all thin and lost her tone on high notes. But this single was much better than her other materiel I’ve heard. Her tone seemed more stable for the most part (as I said before, probably an easier range) and she didn’t used her head voice (yay!). I hope she does more good singles like this one!

Rating: 8/10

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