Masaaki Endoh – Fellows



  1. Fellows
  2. Paper Plane
  3. Fellows (off vocal)
  4. Paper Plane (off vocal)


1. Fellows

This song is an ending theme, but instead of the usual ballad it is an upbeat rocking song! Distorted guitars make up the rhythm section, with strings or synths coming in the chorus, and Masaaki Endoh inserts large amounts of gar into this song with his wild-sounding singing style. This songs is pretty fun and reminds me of FLOW. Great track!

2. Paper Plane

Paper Plane is even more rocking than the above song. It starts of with a synth/guitar combo intro, and when the verse starts the synths leave and if you listen carefully, there’s also a bit of acoustic guitar. The synths return to chorus, where he really sings his heart out! There’s some long held notes at the end which impressed me too! Just as good if not better than the the A-side.

I discovered this single through Carnival Phantasm, and immediately fell in love with both tracks. It’s just so fun to listen to Masaaki Endoh blast through the tracks like there’s no tomorrow. Definitely recommended.

Rating: 10/10

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3 Responses to Masaaki Endoh – Fellows

  1. Yuki Nagato says:

    What anime is this single from? Since you recommend it, i’ll be sure to listen to it 😀

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