Galneryus – Alsatia/Cause Disarray



  1. Alsatia
  2. Wings
  3. The Awakening
  4. Cause Disarray


1. Alsatia

This is the first Galneryus song I heard (Mnemosyne OP) and my current favourite. It’s not too fast and not over-drummed which are good points for the song already. The vocals are distorted in the verse which suits the dark mood of the song. The vocalist Yama-B sounds awesome in the chorus in the line “Cloud in the mists of time”, and the strings in the background give an epic feel. Great track.

2. Wings

Wings is quite upbeat and has a pop-rock feel, with a strong piano presence that reminds me of 70s or 80s (??) rock. The keyboardist has a fast solo which shows he is skilled. Not much more to say about this but pretty good.

3. The Awakening

The Awakening starts with slow piano that makes it sound like its going to be a ballad, but quickly turns into speed metal with too much drums. Yama-B souns good, and luckily it slows down in the chorus, but is also long at 7:07 with a elephantine instrumental section. Least favourite of the single.

4. Cause Disarray

The ED for Mnemosyne, the verse starts quietly and a bit plain, but gets powerful in the chorus. It’s not as long as the others at 4:21 which is a relief. The guitar solo is probably my favourite out of the 4 tracks. The vocalist captures a bit of Alsatia awesomeness in “search for the truth” in the chorus. This is the second best on the single.

I haven’t listened to that much Galneryus, but I  was impressed with this single. The lyrics were in English for songs 1 and 2 and Yama-B’s pronunciation seems pretty good, kind of like abs but a bit better. Galneryus’ best stuff seems to be their normal speed songs. Alsatia was really good and Cause Disarray and Wings were also strong. Recommended for metal fans.

Rating: 9/10

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